A reduced fee is offered to members of the Società Chimica Italiana (SCI).


The registration fee includes: 

City tax of 2.90€ per day should be paid extra on site. 

Reservation for additional nights is available at a preferential price (single room: 75 €/night; double room: 124 €/night) upon request in the registration form. Extra payment on site.   


To register for the School, please fill in the Registration form  


GRANTS (before October 25th , 2023)

A limited number of scholarships is made available by the Divisione di Chimica Inorganica of the Società Chimica Italiana. To apply candidates must be members of the "Divisione di Chimica Inorganica" of the SCI and provide a CV (Europass, two pages max) and a motivational letter (one page max) to: silvia.gross@unipd.it, mario.chiesa@unito.it and inomat2024@gmail.com.



We are pleased to invite all of you to showcase your research and insights with a flash presentation! This will provide a fantastic opportunity for you to share your work with fellow peers, faculty and industrial members.

In addition, we are very glad to inform you that four prizes will be awarded to the best flash presentations. The prizes are sponsored by Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), an authoritative journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Please prepare your abstract in English by using the abstract template and rename it as authorlastname_authorfirstname.docx. Submit your abstract as Microsoft Word files only (.doc or .docx) by sending an email to inomat2024@gmail.com by December 6th, 2023.